A Living Memorial

It has been over a year since I have posted anything here, and it has been a year full of, well, everything.

2020 brought us COVID-19 which effectively shut the country down and made toilet paper scarce, as well as made the use of masks mandatory and necessary.  It also brought me two more back surgeries, a new wheelchair, and forced me to face my PTSD up close and personal. Continue reading A Living Memorial

An Update, A Warning, And A Plea

EMS personnel are suffering from PTSD.  On 14 August 2016, I posted about my PTSD and “seeing faces.” (Original post can be found HERE ) This is an update, a warning, and a plea.

Three years after that post, almost to the day, my PTSD influenced my life greater than I could have anticipated.  While I am acutely aware of the effects it can have on you PTSD does not care about that.  I ended up needing and receiving intensive assistance for more than a week, and although I am out, and stabilized, I understand it is not over yet. Continue reading An Update, A Warning, And A Plea