We need to start profiling

The very large number of the politically correct (PC, aka, wusses) crowd out there are up in arms over some of the comments made recently regarding radicalized Muslims.  They scream in horror as Donald Trump calls for the refusal of Muslims into the country until our political leaders figure out, “what the hell is going on.”[1] A recent reply to a post I made on Facebook regarding a mass stabbing in China carried out by radical Muslims included, “And what difference does it make to whatever argument you’re stating tha the attacker was Muslim?”[2]

The problem, folks, is there is a common denominator to these attacks in San Barnardino, CA (2 Dec 2015), Chattanooga, TN (16 Jul 2015)[3], Garland, TX (3 May 2015)[4], Moore, OK (25 Sep 2014)[5], West Orange, NJ (25 Jun 2014)[6], Seattle, WA (1 Jun 2014)[7], Skyway, WA (27 Apr 2014)[8], and Port Bolivar, TX (6 Mar 2014)[9].  All these attacks were carried out by radical Islamists.  And the ones listed are just for the past two years.

This “religion of peace” our Idiot in Chief[10] refers to obviously has its radical elements that is not limited to Daesh, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Quds Force, Haqqani, or Hezbolla. It is for this reason we need to start using a different methodology to identify these folks in advance, although it is going to cause the PCers to have seizures.

We need to start profiling.

Most of the Black Lives Matters idiots will claim foul as they claim profiling by police is the cause of all the young black men being killed (which is bullshit as detailed in my previous article[11]), but look to other countries and you will see that well trained personnel are able to “profile” possible terrorists or other criminals without violating civil liberties.

The one nation in the world that has the greatest threat from terrorists and radical Muslims is Israel.  The funny thing is Israel has not had any of their airlines or flights hijacked, and only one incident in the many years at Ben Gurion Airport[12]. Why is this?

They profile.

As you arrive at the airport a security force person greets you in your vehicle and says a few words to you.  After you park your car as you approach the front doors of the airport you are greeted by another security person who again exchanges a few words with you.  Inside the airport there are both armed security personnel and undercover personnel walking through, keeping an eye on the people present. You may also go through a quick interview lasting maybe one minute with a trained security person before you even reach the check-in counter.[13]

These security personnel are highly trained in determining your mood, emotional state, and intentions.  They rely on a developed “gut instinct” to help identify possible threats to the security of the other passengers and their country.

While the idea of profiling may leave a foul taste in many people’s mouth, the truth is it happens all the time among people who work with the public.

The veteran police officer has developed that “gut feeling” when coming in contact with various elements of the public as to possible criminal activity.  The paramedic has a gut feeling about their patient and what may be going on with them.  The salesman will know who will purchase something and who is a waste of their time. Even the gypsy fortune teller uses these profiling skills to read their client.

This profiling is not because of race or religion, but because of small changes or actions that occur with the individual being observed that are recognized on a subconscious level. These are called nonverbal communications, microexpressions, or more specifically, body language.[14]

If the NSA or Homeland Security would train its people in reading body language and microexpressions while having contact with the public, it could very well use this very same “profiling” skills the Israeli security forces use in their airports.  The Israelis have already proven that their methods in no way violate anyone’s civil liberties.[15]

To bring all this back around, the recent terrorist attacks have all, yes, ALL, been carried out by radical Muslims.  That is the one common denominator and through profiling by trained individuals the chances of indentifying them before they can strike can seriously decrease the chances of any more lives lost due to these radicals.


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