There is nothing “simple” about rebooting a server

Do these folks know how hard it is to reboot a server on the weekends? During the weekday it is no problem, but on weekends, jeez.

  1. Receive text to reboot server
  2. Text back, “No!”
  3. Lay in bed cussing
  4. Calm younger son after being woken up by the text message
  5. Get out of bed and let the dogs outside
  6. Go to the restroom
  7. Go back to the bedroom realize the younger son is still awake
  8. Go to the kitchen and make him a bottle
  9. Give younger son a bottle
  10. Watch him as Lovely Bride goes to take her morning meds and make sure he doesn’t fall out of the bed
  11. When Lovely Bride returns, get dressed
  12. Go to the kitchen and realize you forgot to buy more coffee yesterday
  13. Go sit on the front porch, smoke a cigarette and lament over not having bought more coffee
  14. Realize the dogs need to be fed
  15. Feed the dogs
  16. Sit on the front porch finishing your cigarette while lamenting over not having coffee
  17. Go back to the kitchen and look in the refrigerator for any caffeine products
  18. Find leftover pizza
  19. Eat a piece of cold pizza while thinking how much better it would be warmed up with a cup of coffee
  20. Decide to go to store to buy coffee
  21. Call the dogs to come back inside
  22. Wait as they search the floor around younger son’s chair for any leftovers
  23. Coax dogs into their kennels
  24. Lock the kennels while dogs are licking your hands through the bars, begging to go back outside
  25. Go back to kitchen to make sure you are really out of coffee
  26. Find shopping list from Lovely Bride attached to the coffee maker
  27. Memorize the shopping list in the stead of taking it
  28. Look for keys to truck
  29. Find keys, get in truck, start truck, but the cat sleeping on the windshield will not move
  30. Squirt cat with washer fluid from truck. Cat moves
  31. Drive to store to buy coffee. Oh, and whatever else was on the shopping list I have already forgotten
  32. Get to store and search for closest parking space. Almost hit little old lady and her buggy
  33. Go in store, search out things on shopping list
  34. Check out and load bags in back of truck
  35. Get in truck
  36. Realize you forgot the coffee after reaching for your travel mug that is not there
  37. Go back in the store
  38. Locate coffee
  39. Checkout with coffee and get back in the truck
  40. Drive back home
  41. Carry bags from truck into the house
  42. Put items away where they belong
  43. Start a pot of coffee
  44. Wait the eight minutes for the coffee to finish
  45. Pour cup of coffee
  46. Go sit on porch to finally have your morning cup of coffee with a cigarette
  47. Go back inside
  48. Log onto your laptop
  49. Telnet into your computer at the office
  50. Use tertiary program to connect to the server at the office
  51. Log into the server
  52. Click “Start”
  53. Click “Shutdown”
  54. Make sure the drop down box is set to “Restart”
  55. Click “Ok”
  56. Log out of your job’s network before the server catches you
  57. Close your telnet connection
  58. Go to the porch for a cup of coffee and a cigarette
  59. Congratulate yourself for getting the server rebooted in less than two hours this time
  60. Go back inside
  61. Log onto your laptop
  62. Pull up word processing program
  63. Write out your blog
  64. Open your browser
  65. Locate your blog page
  66. Log into your blog
  67. Copy and paste story from word processing program to new blog article
  68. Save your new blog article
  69. Copy link of new blog article
  70. Go to Facebook
  71. Log into Facebook
  72. Go to Status Update
  73. Paste link to new blog article
  74. Tag the person who texted you asking to reboot the server


So you see, when you ask your IT guy to do something as “simple” as rebooting the server, there are so many little things involved in that process you do not realize. This is why most IT guys have degrees in it; not for the computer or programming art, but for al the little things that are involved in something so simple and easy as rebooting a server.